Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

Chinese Programme FAQ


1. What is the aim of the Chinese Programme?
The Chinese Programme aims to help students become independent and curious learners in the Chinese language. The programme helps to increase learner's efficiency and interest in the Chinese language.

2. What is covered in the Chinese Programme? 
In each class, students will be introduced to new vocabulary terms, sentence structures and word recognition strategies. The focus will be on developing the student's oracy skills.

3. Does the Chinese Programme covers the MOE school syllabus?
The classes does not run parallel to the MOE school syllabus. However, reference is made to the word list for primary school students.

4. How is Chinese lessons at the DAS different from what is offered at tuition centres?
Chinese lessons at the DAS follows OG principles in our delivery which has been shown to help dyslexics learn better. Ongoing research is also tied to the programme to measure the effectiveness in helping our students. The initial stages of findings have found significant improvement made for students on the programme.

5. How many students are there in a class?
There will be a maximum of four students in a class. This is to maximise learning for your child.

6. My child is exempted from Chinese in school. Can he still enrol into the programme?
Yes, a student can enrol in the programme even if he is exempted, so long as he has a diagnosis of dyslexia. However, priority will be given to students who are not exempted.

7. What is the criteria for joining the programme?
The Chinese Programme is for primary school students who are diagnosed with dyslexia.

8. My child has dyslexia but is not a student at the DAS. Can he still enrol into the programme?
Yes. You will need to submit a valid copy of your child's psychological report with the application form.

9. Does the Chinese Programme offer one-to-one remediation? 
The programme currently does not offer one-to-one remediation.

10. How often are classes conducted?
Classes are conducted once a week, 1 hour per lesson.

11. Where are lessons conducted?
Lessons are conducted at the following learning centres: Bishan, Chinatown Point, Jurong Point, Rex House, Sengkang and Yishun Learning Centres.

12. What are the charges for the Chinese Programme?
There will be a one-time administrative and handling fee of $53.50 (non-bursary holders) and $26.75 (bursary holders). Lessons are charged on a term basis of $535 (10 lessons), inclusive of GST.

13. Is there any assessment for exemption for Chinese?
We do not offer any assessment for the exemption of Chinese.