Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

Past TIPS Talks


SES has organised numerous TIPS Talks for parents and the public. Past talks are listed here:

2016 Term 1 - 4
19 Nov Skills in Solving Maths Problems Confidently
11 Nov Equipping Your Child with Exam Skills: Reference Tracking in Comprehension Activities
21 Oct  Skills in Solving Maths Problems Confidently
12 Aug & 26 Aug Solving Word Problems using Heuristics
5 Aug Equipping your Child with Exam Skills: Reference Tracking in Comprehension Activities
27 Jul, 3 Aug Tips to Learn Chinese the DAS Way
4 May, 14 May Topic: Equipping your child with exam skills: Reference tracking in comprehension activities
3 May Topic: Teaching approaches in SES Maths
22 Apr Focus Group Discussion for DAS Parents - Topic: "Help! My child is struggling with Chinese in School!"
2015 Term 1 - 4
4 Nov, 5 Nov Helping Your Child Manage English Language Examinations from Primary 3 to PSLE
21 Oct, 23 Oct Fun and Easy Chinese
20 Oct  Strategies to Help Your Child with Confusing Math Concepts
5 Mar Maths Tips: Discovery of Fracions in Word Problems
2014 Term 3 - 4
12 Nov Brain - Body Functioning and How it can Impact on Learning
8 Nov What's New in PSLE English Language Paper 2?
29 Oct Is This a Perceptual Difficulty or Just Bad Behaviour?
11 Oct Effective Ways to Read with your Child to Encourage Literacy Learning
24 Sep Understanding Psychological Assessments
2 Sep Power Up Maths with Games
27 Aug Fun and Easy Chinese
13 Aug Breaking the Code in Word Problems
2 Aug Annotation Skills
31 Jul Dramatic Storytelling
25 Jul Fun and Easy Chinese
24 Jul Solving Fraction Word Problems
19 Jul Annotation Skills
19 Jul Dramatic Storytelling
12 Jul Annotation Skills