Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.



preschoolSES Preschool Programme helps preschoolers who are potentially at risk of having dyslexia or developmental delay in early literacy develop skills and strategies to become confident achievers when they enter primary school.

chineseSES Chinese Programme helps students with dyslexia become independent, inquisitive learners in the Chinese language. 

mathsSES Maths Programme effectively supports students with dyslexia who have persistent difficulties in mathematics, particularly with maths word problems.

eespSES English Exam Skills Programme provides students with direct support to equip them with the knowledge, skills, strategies and attitudes to cope with the demands of the English language syllabus in school.

sdaSES Speech and Drama Arts Programme develops literacy, communication and presentation skills and boost the self-esteem of learners with dyslexia. Drama can be that powerful tool to help students with learning differences.

stSES Specialist Tutoring provides a total solution to your child’s educational needs. We are able to provide continuity of support from assessment to specialist tuition, where individualised programmes empower successful learning.


All of our programmes are tailored to fit the learning needs of students with a learning difference. The curriculum and the methodology used adhere to the principles which have been proven to be beneficial for children who learn differently. All of our programmes are:

1. Structured, cumulative, sequential yet flexible
2. Multisensory
3. Direct and explicit, yet fun and enjoyable
4. Cognitive
5. Emotionally Sound

All of our classes have a low teacher to student ratio, with student numbers averaging 4 in a class (except for our Speech and Drama Arts Programme). This arrangement will enable us to attend to the individual needs of the child and maximise the opportunities for success.

There is also provision for 1-to-1 Specialist Tutoring with our International Services, should you favour a more individualised setting for your child.