Specialised Educational Services (SES) is a division of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

Specialist Tutoring FAQ


1. What is the Specialist Tutoring approach?
The aim of Specialist Tutoring is to effectively support the development of each child. Each child is seen as an active, competent learner, especially children who have Specific Learning Differences (SpLD), wanting and in need of a value-added programme/specialist support through experience and qualified Specialist Teachers.

Ages taught: 4 to 18 years old

(Preschool to Adult)

  • Literacy
  • Comprehension
  • Oracy
  • Writing Skills
  • Study skills

(Preschool to 12 years)

  • Mathematics
  • English Exam Skills

2. Specialist Tutoring is an Individualised Programme offering

  • Individual Education Plans
  • Progress Reports
  • Multi-sensory and emotionally sound lessons adapted to the learning styles of the student.
  • Specialist tutors aim to work closely with schools and parents, and the schools and parents will know that there is support for their child from the initial full comprehensive psychological assessment, to Specialist Tutoring.
  • The assigned tutor will focus on what is necessary for the child. This could be focussing on current concerns within their curriculum, exam preparation and strategy, study skills or basic literacy, numeracy, oracy and writing skills.
  • All sessions will take a problem solving approach to ensure that the child succeeds.

3. How long will my child need Specialist intervention or Tutoring services?

  • Individual needs will determine the length of specialist tutoring required. All children have different requirements depending on the stage and level they are at school.
  • Specific learning differences affect each child differently, depending on the child’s strengths and weaknesses will also determine the length of support that is required.
  • Early intervention and identification is vital to support children with individual learning differences.

4. Who are your Specialist tutors/Educational Therapists?
Our Specialist tutors are experienced and knowledgeable in their area of expertise and teaching. 
The current DAS tutors have the Senior Educational Specialist status with a minimum of a first degree. They would also have a professional qualification in Specific Learning Differences or a teaching qualification, some our tutors have also achieved the academic status at the Masters level.

Our Specialist tutors cater for expat students and Singaporean who attend Ministry of Education (MOE) schools and are well versed with the requirements of both the International school curriculum and MOE curriculum.

5. What are the fees for Specialist Tutoring?

  • $139 per hour session
  • $208 per 1.5 hour session

Sessions are paid in blocks of 10/20 sessions.

 Schedule of Fees (1-hour session) Schedule of Fees (1.5-hour session) 
1 Session (1 hour): $139.00 1 Session (1.5 hour): $208.00
10 Sessions (10 hours): $1,390.00  10 Sessions (15 hours): $2,080.00
20 Sessions (20 hours): $2,780.00* / $2,502.00 (after 10% discount)  20 Sessions (30 hours): $4,160.00* / $3,744.00 (after 10% discount)

6. How many sessions are recommended every week?
Individual needs will determine how many sessions of specialist tutoring is required. For example, if preparing for exams multiple sessions may be needed. If students are experiencing significant gaps in their learning, then more classes per week would be recommended.

7. My child is not in a school at present can you support them while they are on the waiting list? Is there an intensive Programme? 
Attending our SES Intensive Specialist Tutoring is a perfect alternative for students on a waiting list for an international school or are currently unable to access the curriculum due to several factors such as relocation or Specific Learning differences.

Consultation and Feedback from our Multi-Professional Team of Educational Psychologists , Speech and Language Therapists, and Specialist teachers and will ensure that your child receives the appropriate and directed support in order for them to be school-ready when a placement occurs for them.

8. Where classes are currently offered? 
Classes are currently conducted at our DAS Learning Centres at Rex House, Parkway Parade, Chinatown Point, Jurong Point and Woodlands.

9. Can my child receive support at their school?
Yes. This may be an option to consider depending on the needs of the child and permission from the school. Fees however are slightly higher due to transportation costs.
Fees for in-school support: $160 per hour session inclusive of GST. (Minimum Block of 10 sessions)

10. How long will I have to wait for my child to be placed?
Depending on the timing of child and the availability of the tutor, we will try our best to find an appropriate time as soon as possible.

11. Will I have to wait till my child’s report is completed before he can commence his DAS classes?
The DAS Specialist Tutors work closely with the psychologist and parents, to gather sufficient information once assessment is completed. This would be the ideal time to commence classes. However should your child require curriculum support, exam preparation support or have previous psychological reports and time is of concern, our Specialist teacher commence Specialist Tutoring, and will also conduct informal assessments in class.

12. Can my child attend both DAS classes and Specialist tutoring? 
Specialist Tutoring includes additional one-to-one support for Literacy or Maths that is based on a problem-solving approach which is skills focused, and may include individual curriculum support, study skills and exam preparation or other areas where you feel additional support is required by your child.

For further inquiry please contact:

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